Thunder Stomp Box Ii, Wood Stompbox, Guitar, Drum, Oak


Thunder Stomp Box Ii, Wood Stompbox, Guitar, Drum, Oak

Orginal - Wood - Thunder StompBox II

SOLID OAK Stompbox with Pecan sound ring

Approximate size 5" by 7" by 2"

Hear the thunder roll - Thunder StompBox

"The Portable Bass Drum"

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Thunder Acoustic Stomp box are not like any other stomp box on the market. Custom Acoustic Stomp Boxes hand made. They produce a bass drum or tom drum sound without the drums. They can make different sound based on types or shoes you wearing, playing with your hand or even played with drumsticks. Adjust legs to adjust play height and angle. Of course you can adjust the EQ on the amp to also effect tone or even use a preamp booster. Buy more than one and save on shipping if shipped to the same address.

• Custom Made (No two are alike)
• Wood or Acrylic Versions
• Thunder Ring – (no more guessing when the sweet spot is)
• Piezo Technology
• Adjustable Feet
• Requires no batteries
• Thunder Stompboxes have a standard ¼ inch output jack which can be plugged into any Sub Woofer, PA, or EQ that will give you the best bass sounds. Guitar amplifier can also be used by adjusting the tone and volume

CHECK OUT THE ONLINE VIDEO AT: or Google Thunder Stompbox 

 Artists and bands that have Thunder StompBoxes - the list continues to grow!

Fred McCarty - Singer/Songwriter

Joe Sharino -  Old time Rock and Roll

Peter Rothbart  Singer/Songwriter/Poet

Holly Heaven Singer/Songwriter

Liz Brown - Singer/Songwriter

Brian McComas – Singer/Songwriter

Aaron Benward  -Singer/Songwriter

Keith Anderson  - Country 

Richie Richards (BB King's Bass player) - Blues

Clay Walker's band - Country


Hear it before you buy it - Go to:   Visit us at youtube @

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AVALIABLE In 34 Different Acrylic Colors!!!

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