Little Bear Guitar Bass Distortion Effector Effect Rat Stompbox Pedal Lm308 90s


Little Bear Guitar Bass Distortion Effector Effect Rat Stompbox Pedal Lm308 90s

Electric Guitar Effector 3 RAT model DIRTY/TURBO/VINTAGE Stomp Box PedalYoutube test video linker: About the was test by my firend.just using a sample electric guitar + RAT pedal + speaker box to test it.without any other device tool, can hear the pure sound effect.because the electric guitar and speaker is the sound maybe not very clear.but just can let you know something sound also can ajdust it until the sound is match for you!

Q:way choice RAT effector?
  1,RAT is one of the most classic distortion effects.
  2,The broader tone style, whether overload or warm distortion, it can issue. Overload and overtone sound effect is very standard.
  3,Also support BASS too.Connect to's will not lost low frequency, boost frequency output.
  4,This RAT effector is made by headmade.test it very careful,be sure good sound's may not make more money for me,i just happy share it to some guitar Fans like me.hope you can enjoy it.
  5,With 3 model you had get 3 RATs effector.
  6,Normal DC interface.and also support Battery power.easy and very useful.


Material: metal case
Size: 10 (L) * 8.5 (W) * 3.8 (H) not include knob.
Weight: 420g

With ture bypass function.
Work voltage:support wide-range voltage DC:9~18V,200ma,you can connect it to any guitar PSU.
Two ways power support:Battery or DC in.
Using original Motorola LM308AN chip.made in (90~95s),iam difficult to get it.
Package included:
1 x Effector
1 x 9V 6F22 battery.(except United States,because USPS post model  not support battery in package.please understanding)

About shipment time:

If you are US buyer,we will ship item to you by USPS express.6-10 days arrval ,about GB,AU can choice   USPS model too.but ship fee is need add some money.see your Ebay order.

or like other country buyer.this item will ship to you by normal mail,usually 2-4 weeks arrival



left interface:OUTPUT     DC:9~18V (200ma)     right interface:INPUT






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Material: metal case
Size: 10 (L) * 8.5 (W) * 3.8 (H) does not include knob
Weight: 220 g